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Over the last two days God did an amazing work through the speakers of Refuel 2011 at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg VA. The Image Church team that went left encouraged, energized, motivated, and certainly refueled.

Below is 11 things that hit me hard, and I will look to implement in my own life/ministry. As TRBC Associate Pastor Matt Wilmington said on Twitter: “Now we must figure out how to come off the conference high, and LIVE what we have just LEARNED”

Lord help me to apply what God’s called men shared below.

  1. What can I do to add value to  people? We are either taking away or adding to people daily. Jesus valued all those he touched, reached out to him, and those he reached out to. (John Maxwell)
  2. Manage the decisions I make. This comes after decision is made. Don’t let your decision falter because you do not have a plan to manage long-term. (John Maxwell)
  3. Other people’s idols are easier to spot than your own. Analyze your own idol factory in your heart, repent, and do something about it. (Ed Stetzer)
  4. Am I willing to lose my own reputation in order to advance the kingdom or is my reputation an idol? (Ed Stetzer)
  5. Like Jairus in Mark 5 Jesus wants us to simply BELIEVE, and not try to figure out what He is doing. Genuine faith brings God glory. (Steven Furtick)
  6. Eph. 2:10 tells us that we are EXACTLY what God wanted us to be. Take comfort in that, and find the mission He has UNIQUELY made for you. (Jonathon Falwell)
  7. Be careful trying to estimate what God is doing in your life/ministry. We can never know all the ways God is going to use our work to advance His kingdom. We are called to FAN THE FLAME of others. Not light fire. Only God can do that. (Johnny Hunt)
  8. Everyone needs someone to love, pray, believe, and encourage them. As Paul did this for Timothy (2 Timothy 2) we should as well for others. (Johnny Hunt)
  9. People DIE the way they LIVE. At your funeral what will people say about you? Create those values, and start living them NOW. (Johnny Hunt)
  10. God loves broken people. Reach out to the broken, and you will always have an audience. Find the broken in your community, and SERVE them as Jesus did. (Judd Wilhite)
  11. For the first time in american history teens are more influenced outside the home than in it. Stats show the two biggest influences on kids are their parents, and an actively engaged church.  Parents teach your kids, and church leaders do all that you can to reach your youth. (Ron Luce)

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